Women's Organisations


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Angolan Action For Development (A.A.D.)
P.O. Box 30015
Tel: 345825
Fax: 345709

Angolan Women's Organization
Rua Comandante Gika No. 199, P.O. Box 2582
Tel: 320977
Fax: 324481

League Of Angolan Women (LIMA)
Tel: 212 758 1968
Fax: 212 754 6267

Organisation des Femmes Angolaises
Box 2585
Luanda, Angola

Organisation Pan Africaine des Femmes
Box 765, Kuzaka
Luanda, Angola

Organizacao da Mulher Angolana
(Angola Women's Organisation)
Rua Commandante Cika No. 199
People's Republic of Angola
Objectives: Struggle for equality of women and men; Eradicate illiteracy among women; To increase women's political awareness and to encourage them to join politics; To provide women with technical skills; To promote the economic empowerment of women; To increase their meaningful participation in national development.

Pan-African Women's Organization
R. Dos Coqueiros No. 37/39 Cp. 765
Tel: 390779/391935
Fax: 871 38313 7032

Secretariat d'Etat pour la Promotion et le Developpement de la Femme
B.P. 6438
Luanda, Angola
Tele and fax 244-2-33 00 28
Fax 244 - 2 - 33 87 40
Objectives: To promote the status of Women; To ensure integration of women issues into development.

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