Women's Organisations


"Azerbaijan Gadin Huguglary Mudafiasy"
1 Injasanat Street, Baku 370000.
Tel: 994 12/921483
Fax: 994 12/98-31-65
Towards the defence of the Rights of Azerbaijan Women.

Azerbaijan Gladinlary Baki Assosiasiyasi
18 Bul-Bul pr. Baku 370000.
Tel: 993 12/94-19-02
Fax: 994: 12/98-32-96
Association of women.

Centre "Gladin Ve Inkishaf"
3/6 S Rustamov Street, apt. 65, Baku 370000.
Tel: 994 12 / 67- 21-39
Fax: 994 12/92-56-99
E-mail: paolo@un.azerbaijan.su
Women Development Centre.

Jewish Women's organisation of Azerbaijan
PO Box 159, Baku.370000.
Tel: 994 12/96-36-27
Fax:994 12/38-79-07
Active participation in strengthening international friendship.

The Unity "Ziyali Gadinlar" of Azerbaijan
59 K. Tebriz Street, Baku 370000.
Tel: 994 12/668806.
Towards Women's Unity.

Women's Charitable Society "Tale"
Government House, apt. 930, Baku 370000.
Tel: 994 12/93
Support group.

Azerbaijan Women and Development Centre
3-6, S. Rustamov st.
370001 Baku
Tel: +994 12 927 920 or +994 12 928 017
Fax: +994 12 983 235
E-mail: ramiz@unfpa.baku.az or ITPCHT@lan.ab.az
The Azerbaijan Women and Development Centre is a non-governmental organization which offers services relating to health and family planning. The staff, consisting of five members, conducts researches, maintains a database, and participates in national and international conferences, seminars and workshops on gender and women's issues. The centre's library houses more than 1000 books and brochures on gender issues, as well as over 1000 photographs and several journals. Languages: English, Russian, Azerbaijan

"Sulh" Women's Society: Towards women's peace.
54 Sabael Street, apt.25, Baku 370003.
Tel: 994 12/39-56-51

"Azerbaijan Neftchy Gadinlar" Society
73 Neftchilar avenue, Baku 370004
Tel: 994 12/92-06-85
Society of women in the oil industry.

Azerbaijan Women's Association
6 Boyuk Gala Street, Baku 370004.
Tel: 994 12/92-7487
Affiliated member of Aszerbaijan Academy of Sciences.

"Umid" Analar Djaiyyaty of Azerbaijan Republik
Society of Mothers "Hope".
58 Nizami Street, Baku 370005.
Tel:994 12/66-17-58

Association "Ishguzar Gadinlar"
215 Pervomaisakaya Street
Baku 370014
Tel: 994 12/92-30-22
Business Women Association.

Centre "Shehyd Analary Gadinlar" of Azerbaijan
2"A" Ataturk Street, Baku 370039
Tel: 994 12/93-96-21
Women and war centre.

Jewish Women's Society of Azerbaijan
39 Sh. Badalbeily Street, Baku 370072
Tel: 994 12/66-17-58
Network organisation.

The Society of Muslim Women "Famita-Zahra"
41 Tebriz Street, Gyandja 374747
Tel: 20556
Network for Muslim women.


Women's Committee of Azerbaijan
2 Istiglaiyat St.
Baku 1, Azerbaijan

Women's Committee of Azerbaijan
3 Istiglaiyat St.
Baku 1, Azerbaijan

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