Women's Organisations


Centre for Gender Studies,
European Humanities University,
st. Brovki 3, bldg.2, suit 217,
Minsk, 220013, Belarus;
Phone/fax (375 17) 239 33 83;
Departmental e-mail gender@ehu.unibel.by
Web site: http://www.gender.ehu.by
The Centre for Gender Studies at European Humanities University is an academic program offering a master's degree in gender studies and research unit focused on (but not limited by) the following issues: gender, postcommunism and nationalism; gender and visual arts, gender and mass communication, feminist philosophy, men's studies, gender discourse in Post Soviet Academy, qualitative methods in gender research. The activities of the Centre include research, curriculum development, a conference, workshops, and a couple of publications. The idea is to make the Centre open for students of all universities in Minsk and, probably, in Belarus upon payment of a symbolic registration fee. We are starting with just a couple of courses in the curriculum plus a series of seminars in gender for faculty staff. The main problem is a drastic lack of lecturers in the field (and general absence of a feminist context in the Western meaning of the word).

"Discussion" Women's Club
ul. Karbysheva 11-48
a/ya 5
220119 Minsk, Belarus
Tel: (0172) 63-77-36
Fax: (0172) 30-80-54, 31-04-72
E-mail: beluwi@minsk.sovam.com or pkp.2@pkp2.belpak.minsk.by
Discussion is an independent NGO founded in 1993. Its purpose is (a) to strengthen women's influence in national life by means of partnerships, training activity, and informational exchanges, and (b) to develop contacts with women's organizations in Belarus and throughout the world. The club has organized workshops and round table discussions on problems of nonprofit women's organizations and the status of women in Belarus. It has also developed psychology and language courses for women. It collects information about women's NGO activity in Belarus and abroad, plus statistical and other materials related to different aspects of women's life.

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