Women's Organisations


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Galerie Bortier 8
Rue Saint Jean
Sint Jansstraat
1000 Bruxelles-Brussels
Tel: +32.(0)2.512.0347
Feminist Bookstore: English, Dutch, French.

Rassemblement des Femmes pour la Paix
Rue Antoine Dansaert 101
BP 15, 1000 Brussels
Tel: +32-2-512-6498
fax 502-3290

RoSa Documentatiecentrum
(Rosa Documentation Centre)
Koningsstraat 136
1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 209 3410
Fax: +32 2 216 5450
E-mail: rosa.documentatiecentrum@skynet.be
url: http://www.gelijkekansen.vlaanderen.be/rosa
RoSa- or 'Rol en Samenleving' (Role and Society) is the Flemish information service focusing on equal opportunities, the position of women, and gender studies. Founded as a product of the growing interest in the women's emancipation, RoSa now houses personal documents, a database of names and organizations worldwide, and a documentation unit on emancipatory education. Since 1996, RoSa has been responsible for two videotext pages on Flemish television which report on women specific activities and issues. The RoSa catalogue can be consulted online. Languages: Dutch, English and French.
RoSa is sinds 1978 het adres voor informatie en documentatie over de maatschappelijke positie van vrouwen in binnen- en buitenland. U vindt er de meest uitgebreide collectie boeken en tijdschriften in Vlaanderen over de vrouwenbeweging en vrouwenstudies, over gelijke kansen en emancipatiebeleid, en over tal van maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen die vrouwen aanbelangen. Alle informatie handig bij elkaar en op een gebruiksvriendelijke manier toegankelijk gemaakt. U kunt onze catalogus ook online raadplegen op bovenstaand adres.

Equal In Development
Avenue Louis Bertrand 68
1030 Brussels
Tel 02/245.64.35
e-mail: equal_in_development@hotmail.com
A non-profit organisation dealing with projects for sustaining women in the third world.

Women's Liaison Committee
1a place Quetelet
1030 Brussels, Belgium
Liaison Group for Women Working for Equality

CREW (Centre for Research on European Women)
38 Rue Stevin
1040 Bruxelles
Tel: 539 1029
F:ax 32-2-230 62 30
CREW is an independent women's cooperative that provides information on women and employment issues and develops links with groups, projects and organizations operating in this field throughout the European Community. During the last seven years, CREW has strongly focused on the problems faced by women wanting to set up their own businesses.

Documentation Centre
21 rue de la Tourelle, 1040 Brussels
Tel: 02 230 5158

European Network of Women
38 rue Stevin, 1040 Brussels
Research and monitors EC legislation on women

European Network of Women
12A Boulevard Clovis
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: 0032 2 732 92 09
Fax: 0032 2 732 73 19

Federation Europeenne des Femmes Actives au Foyer
Brigitte Le Gouis
Avenue de Tervueren 66,
Bte. 1
1040 Brussels, Belgium
T: 0032 2 733 17 77
F: 0032 2 733 17 77

International Women's Commission of the European Movement
Place du Luxembourg 1
1040 Brussels, Belgium
T: 0032 02 512 44 44
F: 0032 02 512 66 73

Mouvement Mondial des Meres
66 av de Tervueren 66,
Bte 1
1040 Brussels, Belgium
T: 0032 2 733 17 77
F: 0032 2 733 17 77

National Women's Council
De Meeussquare 28, 1040 Brussels
Tel: 02 511 8243.

WIDE - Network Women in Development Europe
Rue du Commerce, 70
1040 Brussels
Tel: 32-2- 545.90.70
Fax: 32-2-512. 73.42
E-mail: wide@gn.apc.org
URL: http://www.eurosur.org/wide/porteng.htm
The network 'Women in Development Europe' - WIDE - works to influence European and International policies and to raise awareness on gender and development issues among important sectors of opinion in Europe, with the objective of empowering women worldwide. WIDE promotes a process of joint reflection and interaction between Northern and Southern women, and aims for joint action on international and regional levels, without denying the diversity among women based on their economic and political environments, class, race, age and religion.

Association 29 Rue Blanche
29, Rue Blanche
1050 Bruxelles
Tel: 32-2-538 4773/539 1029
The Association 29 Rue Blanche gathers different women's movements together. These movements deal with social activities (domestic violence), educational activities (searching for sexism in scholarly works), and intellectual activities (conferences, publications).

Federation des Collectifs et Refuges pour Femmes de Wallonie
Rue Blanche 29
1050 Brussels
Phone: 2 539 27 44

Group for Feminist Research and Information
29 rue Blanche, 1050 Brussels
Tel: 02 538 84 87

The National Council Of Women Of Belgium
183, Avenue Louise
1050 Bruxelles
Tel: 32-2-647 09 05
The National Council of Women is an umbrella organization consisting of approximately thirty affiliated women's organizations of all political and ideological tendencies. N.C.W aims to achieve the full participation of women at all levels of social life. N.C.W. organizes various kinds of projects and lobbing at the national and regional level.

City and Shelter
40 rue d'Espagne,
B-1060 Brussels, Belgium
Tel/Fax: 32 2 534 77 35

48, avenue Brugmann
1060 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: 0032 2 343 68 51
Fax: 0032 2 343 68 71

Women's Desk
Vlasfabriekstraat 11
1060 Brussels, Belgium
T: 32 2 539 26 20
F: 32 2 539 13 43

Anna Bijns Stichting
p/a Amazone
Middaglijnstraat 10
1210 Brussel

European Council of WIZO Federations
Huguette Ouaknine
1214, Chaussee de Haecht
1140 Bruxelles, Belgium
Tel: 0032 215 67 06

Centre de Documentation Amazone
Documentatiecentrum Amazone
Rue du Méridien 10
1210 Brussels
tel. ++32 (02) 229.38.00 or +32 2 229 3807
fax. ++32 (02) 229.38.01
E-Mail: info@amazone.be
URL: http://www.amazone.be/
The National Women's Centre Amazone is an initiative of the Belgian Minister responsible for the equal opportunities policy. Amazone's main aim is to accomodate and support women's organizations and to stimulate the exchange of information. Amazone houses several information centres (such as Bibliothèque Léonie La Fontaine and the Archiefcentrum voor Vrouwengeschiedenis), but has also established its own documentation centre which works in close cooperation with the library of the Nederlandstalige Vrouwenraad. Documentation centre Amazone, with approx. 5000 documents, focuses specifically on women's organizations and advocates of equal rights and women's emancipation. Languages: English, French, Dutch.

Archiefcentrum voor Vrouwengeschiedenis
(Archive Center for Women's History)
Middaglijnstraat 10-14
1210 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 229 3831
Fax: +32 2 229 3832
E-mail: avg.carhif@amazone.be
URL: http://www.amazone.be
The Archive Centre for Women's History was founded in May 1995, as part of the women's centre Amazone. Its aim is to preserve the historical heritage of the Belgian women's movement in the form of archives of organizations and persons. Another goal is to centralize information on archives kept elsewhere. Most of the 40 archives kept by the Archive Centre cover the period of the 'second feminist wave', but some go back to the Interbellum. The centre also houses a small library specialized in women's history. Languages: French, Dutch, English.

Bibliothèque Leonie La Fontaine
Rue du Méridien 10
1210 Bruxelles
Tel: +32 2 229 3833
Fax: +32 2 229 3853
Library Leonie La Fontaine was created in the early 80s, in response to the growing need for information and documentation on women and the feminist movement. It is supported by the Université des Femmes (Women's University). The library strives to cover all scientific fields in which feminist studies are conducted. The collection consists of 9000 volumes and 300 periodicals. In the 90s, the library started developing a French women's thesaurus. Languages: French, English, Dutch.

Le Comite De Liason Des Femmes
Rue Du Meridien 10
1210 Bruxelles
Telephone: +32 (02) 229 38 46
URL: http://www.amazone.be/residents_comittee.html

Le Conseil Des Femmes Francophones De Belgique
Rue Du Meridien 10
1210 Bruxelles
Telephone: +32 (02) 229 38 21
Fax: 229 38 20
URL: http://www.amazone.be/residents_cffb.html

European Women's Lobby
18 rue Hydraulique
B-1210 Bruxelles
Tel: 32 2 217 90 20
Fax: 32 2 219 84 51
Website: www.womenlobby.org

Nederlandstalige Vrouwenraad: Women's Council
Rue Du Meridien 10
1210 Bruxelles
Tel: +32 (02) 229 38 18
Fax: 229 38 66
URL: http://www.amazone.be/residents_nvr.html

RoSa On-line
Middaglijnstraat 10
1210 Brussel
Tel: (02) 229 38 71
Fax: (02) 229 38 28
E-mail: rosa.documentatiecentrum@skynet.be

Soroptimist International of Belgium
Place Quetelet plein, 1 A
1210 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. 00 / 32 / (0)2 / 219 29 78
URL: http://titan.glo.be/~bea/sibhome.html
Soroptimist International strives for Human Rights for all, Equality, Development and Peace through International Goodwill and Understanding and Friendship. Soroptimist International is committed to service to local, national and international communities, active participation in decision making at all levels of society.

Foundation Women Against Violence
Kloosterstraat 5
2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
Tel: 0032 3 233 54 35
Fax: 0032 3 232 76 94

Thuiswerkende Ouder, Gezin, Somenleving - TOGS
Lange Beeldekenstraat 71
2060 Antwerpen, Belgium
T: 0032 3 235 89 03

Soroptimist International
jos. Ratinckxstraat 1, Bus 3
2600 Berchem-Antwerpen, Belgium
T: 0032 2 422 73 25
F: 0032 2 422 86 04

Inter-University Women's Studies In Antwerp
Universiteit Antwerpen
Complementary Study Women's Studies
Universiteitsplein 1
B 2610 Wilrijk, Belgium
Tel: + 32 3 820.28.50
Fax: + 32 3 820.29.08 or + 32 3 820.22.47 (Library)
e-mail : M.Michielsens@ped.kun.nl
URL: http://women-www.uia.ac.be/women/noise/antwerp.html
Offers a full-time academic training in Women's Studies on a post-graduate level. The Women's Studies programme focuses on the construction and meanings of 'femininity' and 'masculinity' and on how gender differences influence the construction and production of knowledge. The complementary study in Women's Studies aims to increase the emancipation-expertise of the participants. One of the main goals are theoretical and analytical insights about the way in which gender categories influence the social context. All Belgian universities participate in the programme as far as teachers and students are concerned.

Women's Project vzw
Zoerselsteenweg 36
B-2980 Sint-Antonius (Zoersel)
Tel: +32 3 384 09 13
Fax: +32 3 384 09 13
e-mail: francoise.wouters@womens-project.be
URL: http://www.womens-project.be
Women's project is a non-profit-organisation for female contractors in South, Eastern-Europe and Belgium. Main objective: Women are often the driving force of developing a community. Not only are they the center of the family but they also deploy a major contribution to the production process. The main issue of the organisation is a structual combat against poverty combined with longlasting expansion. Women's Project is supporting women in activities they bring out themselves and along with that process, they are supported to earn a stronger position in daily society.

Women's Project is een vzw van vrouwen voor vrouwelijke ondernemers in het Zuiden, Oost-Europa en Belgie. Doelstelling: vrouwen zijn vaak de motor voor de ontwikkeling van een gemeenschap. Ze zijn niet alleen spil van het gezin maar leveren ook een aanzienlijke bijdrage aan het arbeidsproces. De rode draad die loopt door de organisatie is structurele armoedebestijding gekoppeld aan duurzame ontwikkeling. Women's Project wil vrouwen ondersteunen bij activiteiten die ze zelf aandragen en die hen een eind op weg helpen een sterkere positie in de samenleving te verwerven.

Women's Project est une a.s.b.l. de femmes pour des femmes entreprenantes dans les pays du Tiers Monde, l'Europe de l'Est et en Belgique. But: les femmes sont souvent le moteur du développement d'une communauté. Elles ne sont pas seulement le point central de la famille mais contribuent également au développement de la vie active. Le fil rouge de l'organisation est la lutte contre la pauvreté structurelle, accouplée à un développement continuel. Women's Project veut soutenir les activités que les femmes avancent et ainsi les aider à acquérir une position plus solide dans la societé.

Collectif et Refuge pour Femmes Battues
rue Soeurs de Hasque, 9
4000 Leige, Belgium
T: 0032 41 23 42 85
F: 0032 41 23 30 61

St. Joan's International Alliance (SJIA)
Alliance Internationale Jeanne d'Arc (AIJA)
Quai Churchill 19 / 061
B-4020 Liege
Tel OO 32 4 342 04 71
Fax 00 32 4 342 06 78

E-mail anne.marie.pelzer@skynet.be
Primary objectives are to promote Christian feminism and equality of rights and opportunities between women and men in political and social life. St. Joan's International Alliance has a consultative status to UNESCO, and it also advises civil and religious authorities in issues relating to women.
Créée à Londres en 1911 pour l'égalité des droits entre hommes et femmes dans les sociétés, les Etats et les religions, en particulier dans le catholicisme. Lutte pour le vote des femmes partout, pour les droits familiaux, sociaux, politiques des femmes avec un intérêt spécial pour les femmes du Tiers-Monde. Obtention du statut consultatif II à l'ONU (ECOSOC) depuis 1952. Membre affiliée de la Conférence des Organisations Internationales Catholiques. Seule organisation féministe reconnue au Vatican : a gardé son franc parler face au machisme romain. Demande accès des femmes à toutes les fonctions ecclésiales. Intérêt et informations sur les femmes dans toutes les religions. Publie "Terre des Femmes. Sociétés, religions. Nouvelles internationales" trimestriel en français et "The Catholic Citizen" semestriel en anglais, (depuis 1915 !) Ouvert aussi à tout féministe, de toutes religions, et aux hommes féministes. Direction féminine.

Rue De Fetinne, 83
4020 Leige, Belgium
T: 0032 41 43 14 20
F: 0032 41 43 84 15

Moeders voor Vrede
Grote Markt 34
8900 Ieper
Tel: +32-57-22-85-55
fax 22-85-77

Centre for Women's Studies
University of Gent
Baertsoenkaai 3
9000 Gent


Women's Organisation for Equality
29 Rue Blanche, off av. Louise, Brussels
Tel: 02 538 4773

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