Women's Organisations


Centro de Informacion y Desarrollo de la Mujer
22433, Av. Villazon, of. 3A
La Paz

Centro de Informacion y Desarrollo de la Mujer - CIDEM
Av. Villazon 1970, Piso 2, Cassilla postal 14036
Tel: 591-2-364646
Fax: 591-2-39211
E-mail: cidem@utama.bolnet.bo

National Women's Council of Bolivia
Casilla 2573, La Paz, Bolivia

Organización de Mujeres Aymaras del Kollasuyo (OMAK)
(Aymaras Women's Organization)
Casilla 13195
Avenida Romero Pampa No. 2045
Zona Romero Pampa
El Alto de La Paz
La Paz, Bolivia
Tel: +591 2 310 791 or +591 2 420 102
Fax: +591 2 823 323
OMAK is a grassroots organization founded by union members of Bolivia's most underprivileged ethnic communities such as the Aymaras and Quechuas. OMAK aims to increase the access of indigenous women to information, medical care, and opportunities needed for personal development and development of their communities. OMAK organizes leadership training and workshops on human rights and networking, and provides support to affiliated centres. Language: Spanish

Red Nacional de Trabajadoras de la Informacin y Communicacion
Av. Arequipa Shopping Sur of 6BP La Florida Cassilla postal 9498, La Paz
Fax: 591-2-770903
E-mail: geo@geo.bo
URL: http://www.web.net/amarc/brujas.htm

Women's Centre for Information and Development
Avda Villazon 1958, Oficina 3a, 30 piso, Casilla 22433
La Paz, Bolivia

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