Women's Organisations


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'Being a Woman' Documentation and Comunication Centre
Apartado aereo 25922, Bogota.

Capacitacion y communicaciones para el Desarrollo institucional
Calle 43 No 27A-57. Bogota, Colombia.
Tel: 2690916-2442673
Fax: 2690916
E-mail: lucha@colnodo.apc.org

Catolicas por el Derecho a Decidir/Mexico
E-mail: cddmx@laneta.apc.org

Center of Economic Development Studies (CEDE)
University of Los Andes
Apartado Aereo 4976

FEDEVIVIENDA ( Women and Shelter Network)
57059 Colombia.
Tel: 338 12 77 338 00 14
Fax: 287 19 41.
E-mail: hicwas@colnodo.apc.org

Fondo de Documentación Mujer y Genero Programa de Estudios Género, Mujer y Desarollo
(Documentation Centre Women and Gender Program for studies on women, gender, and development)
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
(National University of Colombia)
Programa de Estudios de Género, Mujer y Desarollo Centro de Estudios Sociales
AA 14490 Bogotá
Tel: +57 1 316 5219 or +57 1 316 5000 ext.18622/25
Fax: +57 1 316 5238
E-mail: fdmujgen@bacata.usc.unal.edu.co
The centre started thanks to the initiative of sociologist Magdalena Leon who donated her collection of books and other documents, collected between 1970 and 1987. In 1991 the collection was put up in the National University. In 1994 the Documentation Centre started indexing the books, periodicals and other documents, and opened its doors to the public. The documentation centre is unique in Colombia and is frequently visited by students, teachers, intermediaries of the government and members of non-governmental organizations. The objectives of the centre are to contribute to the process of social development and change through the provision of information; to establish a specialized information service to reflect on women's experiences; and to connect national and international information networks. Language: Spanish.

Legal Services for Women: Profamilia
Calle 34, No.14-52, Bogota, Colombia.

National Council for the Integration of Women in Development
Palacio de San Carlos, Calle 10, numero 5-51, Bogota.

National Women's Council of Colombia
Calle 82, 14A-17, Oficinas 308/309, Bogota.

Program on Studies of Gender
Center of Economic Development Studies (CEDE)
University of Los Andes
Apartado Aereo 4976

Systemwide Program on Participatory Research and Gender Analysis
c/o CIAT, AA 6713, Cali, Colombia.
Tel: 57 2 445 0000 ext 3131
Fax: 57 2 445 0073
E-mail: ciat-prga@cgnet.com

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