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Agencia Latinoamericana de Informacion - Area Mujeres (ALAI)
(Latin American Information Agency / Women's Program)
12 de Octubre y Patria, Oficina 506
Tel: +593 2 505 074
Fax: +593 2 505 073
E-mail: mujeres@alai.ecuanex.net.ec or mujeres@alai.ecx.ec
URL: http://www.ecuanex.apc.org/alai/womespa.html
ALAI provides communication support for social movements, involving disseminating information on these movements and offering them counselling and training to strengthen their own communicational knowhow and skills. Over the years, ALAI has become a well known source of information on the women's movement, rural and indigenous organizations, human rights groups and ethnic minorities organizations. ALAI's Women's Programm was created in 1989, to provide information on and make analyses of the diversity of positions, ideas and issues within the women's movements in Latin America. The program also includes supporting women's electronic networking.

AMARC, Red de Mujeres, Tachi Arriola
E-mail: tachi@amarc.ecx.ec

Autonomous Group of Women: Campaigning Group
Calle Chile y Guayaquil, Edif, Guerrero Mosa, 2o piso. Of 207, Quito.

Centro Ecuatoriano para la Promoccion y Accion de la Mujer (CEPAM) A.P. 182-c sucursal 15 Quito Ecuador Los Rios 2238 y Gandara Quito, Ecuador

Centro de Estudios e Inestigacion Sobre el Maltrato de la Mujer
E-mail: admin@ceimme.ecx.ec

Centro de Estudios y Investigaciones de la Mujer Ecuatoriana (CEIME)
(Centre for the Study and Research of Ecuatorian Women)
Alemania E4-55 e Italia
Casilla: 17211209
Phone and faxes:( 593-2) 544662, 543442
E-mail: ceime@andinanet.net
URL: http://www.ceime.org
CEIME is a non-governmental organization, founded in 1989, for the training of and research on Ecuatorian women. CEIME's main activities focus on gender training and education, professional training and advocacy of the National Police, social actions, relief aid for battered women, publishing and communication through radio and video programs. The documentation centre was founded in 1992. CEIME was the initiator of the Foro nacional de la mujer ecuatoriana / The national forum of Ecuatorian women, a platform of 320 organizations active in the field of women's and gender studies and human rights for women. Languages: Spanish, English.

Centro de Estudios y Trabajo de la Mujer (CETM)
(Centre for the Study and Work of Women)
Junin 246 (esq. Ecuador)
4947 Casilla
Tel: +591 42 22 719
Fax: +591 42 22 719
Library Pachamama, which means Mother Earth in the Quechua language, is part and the base of the library of the Centre for Study and Work of Women (CETM). CETM is dedicated to improving the situation of women in Ecuador, with special attention paid to adolescents. CETM offers training courses in personal empowerment and self growth, as well as activities to improve technical skills. The Centre was founded due to the lack of information for and about women in Ecuador as well as the growing demand for gendered information. The collection is acquired through gifts and exchanges with other national and international institutions. The library is completely run by volunteers and utilizes many different strategies in order to acquire books and make the most of their resources. The collection is in Spanish (96%) and in English (4%).

Centro de Planification y Estudios Sociales (CPPLAES)
Casilla 17-11-6127

Coordinacion Programa Mujeres de APC
E-mail: sally@alai.ecx.apc.org

Front for Promoting and Integrating Women in Development
M. Casares 1164, Quito.
Tel: 235 411.
Advice and Training Centre

Imbabura 1-11 y Av. 12 de abril
Somos GAMMA (Grupo de apoyo al movimiento de mujeres del Azuay), de Cuenca-Ecuador. Nos dedicamos a Desarrollo Social con enfoque de género y a Comunicación.

Grupo De Mujeres Indigenas Cohaloma

Instituto Ecuatoriano De Investigaciones Y Capacitacion De La Mujer (IECAIM)
Avenida 6 de Diciembre 2817 y Republica

National Office for Women: Information Centre
c/o Ministry of Social Welfare,
850 Robles y de Octubre,
Quito. Ecuador
Tel: 545 434.

National Women's Union of Ecuador
Avda. Versalles 1103 y Carrion, Quito. Ecuador
Tel: 237 796.

Permanent Committee for Women's Rights
Pasaje Rossea 133, Esmeraldas 854, Quito.
Tel: 212813.

SENDAS. Servicio para un Desarrollo Alternativo del Sur.
Centre for Information.
Cassilla 0105-1926.
Tel: 07 882 456. Fax: 07 838 873.
E-mail: cendoc@sendas.ecx.ec

Women's Action Centre
Bogota 400 y Tegucigalpa, Casilla 10201, Guayaquil.
Tel: 271954.
Network and Co-ordinates women's Groups

Women's Liberation League
Calle Ilaquita, Urb, Cristobal Enriquez, Mena 2, Quito.
Campaigns on Women's Issues.

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