Women's Organisations


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Alliance for Arab Women
28 Adly Street, Apt 74-75
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (202) 3939899
Fax: (202) 393 6820
E-mail: aaw@link.com.eg or Hbadran@idsc.gov.eg

Alliance for Arab Women
39 El Ansar Street
Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (202) 3939899
Fax: (202) 393 6820
E-mail: aaw@link.com.eg or Hbadran@idsc.gov.eg

Arab Women And Value System
Arab Women Solidarity Association
25 Mourad St.
Giza, Egypt

Arab Women 's Solidarity Association (AWSA)
4A Dareed Saad Street, Kast El Ainy, Cairo.
Network group.

Cairo Family Planning Association
50 Gomhoria Street
Cairo, Egypt

Center for Egyptian Civilization Studies
18, Saray el Guezireh, Apt. 7
Cairo Zamalek

Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights
8/10 Mathaf El- Manial St. Manial Roda, Cairo.
Fax: +3621613.
Campaigning for rights including women's rights.

Egyptian Women Association
4 El Awhady Street,
Menshiet El Bapri, Cairo
Tel: (20 2) 83 5271
(Women, Research, Training)

The General Department of Women's Affairs
Ministry of Social Affairs
Mogama building, 4th Floor,
Tahrir Square
Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: 3543003
Fax: 3540261
Objectives: To formulate policies, plans and projects; To act as an implementing and follow-up machinery for these policies and plans; To co-operate with government and non-governmental organisations in all issues relating to women affairs. Languages: English, Arabic.

The Legal Research and Resource Center for Human Rights
7 Al Higaz Street, Roxi Heliopolis
Cairo, Egypt
T: 011-202-259-6622 ... F: 011-202-452-0977
Email: lrrc@frco.eun.eg
Website: http://www.geocities.com/~lrrc/

The National Council for Women
1113 Corniche El Nil, Tahrir
P.O. Box: 11625 Maglis El Shoura
Telephone: (202) 5748168, (202) 5748708
Fax: (202) 5745596
Email: ncw1@idsc.gov.eg
Website: http://ncw.gov.eg
The National Council for Women, Egypt, is a newly established council, directly affiliated to the presidency. Its aim is to empower Egyptian women in all fields of life. It also aims at enabling women to better preserve their national identity and heritage. The council is presided by Egypt's First Lady, Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak. Ambassador Mervat Tallawy acts as Secretary General. In addition, 30 public figures and experts in women's issues are permanent members of the Council. The council's mandate is as follows: Advise the society and its constitutional institutions on public policies that target the development and empowerment of women to better perform their economic and social roles and the integration of women's efforts in comprehensive development programmes. Draw up a national plan for the advancement of women and solving the problems confronting them. Follow up on and evaluate the implementation of the public policy on women's issues and submit the council's proposals, recommendations and observations in this regard to the relevant authorities. Advise on laws and decrees pertaining to women before they are presented to the concerned authorities and recommend draft laws and decrees deemed necessary to improve women's conditions. Voice opinions on all agreements related to women. Represent women at international conferences and organizations dealing with women's issues. Set up a Documentation Center to collect information, data, studies and researches on women as well as conduct its own studies and researches in this area. Hold conferences, debates, symposia and seminars on women's issues. Organize awareness-raising training sessions on women's rights, duties and role in society. Issue newsletters, magazines and publications related to its goals and mandate. Discuss any issues to be referred to the Council by the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

New Woman Research Center
9D Orabi Street - 6th Floor - Mohandessin - Cairo
Tel & Fax: 202-3048085

Regional Network on Arab Women
Social Research Centre, American University in Cairo
PO Box 2511, 113 Sharia Kasr-el-Aini, Cairo.
Web Site: http://www.aucegypt.edu/src We are in the process of developing a resource site on issues of the economic participation of women in Egypt (as well as one on working children, and one on girls' education).

Society for the Economic Liberation of Women
8 Dareeh Saad, Kasrel Einy, Cairo.

Sudan Women's Alliance (SWA)
c/o Office of African Studies
American University in Cairo
P.O. Box 2511
Cairo - Egypt
E-mail: sarah@acs.aucegypt.edu
A political activism group.

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