Women's Organisations


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African Center for Women (ACW)
UN Economic Commission for Africa
P. O. Box 3001
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: (251-1) 518919 (Direct)/51 72 00 Ext. 33700
Fax: (251-1) 512233 (Direct)/512785
E-mail: eca40th@un.org or ecainfo@un.org or dialogue@un.org
URL: http://www.un.org/depts/eca/eca40th
Conducts Research and Training , and promotes women in development.

African Federation Of Women Entrepreneurs (AFWE)
P.O. Box 3001
Addis Ababa
Tel: (251 1) 517200 X301
Fax: (251-1) 512785

Association Of Somali Women Advancement
P.O. Box 9498
Addis Ababa
Tel: (2511)-514836
Fax: (2511)-514682

The Centre for Research, Training and Information on Women in Development (CERTWID)
Institute of Development Research
Addis Ababa University
P.O. Box 1176,
Tel: 12.32.30
Telex 21205
Objectives: To encourage and generate research to provide knowledge and information on issues related to women; To develop and initiate on-going training programmes in methods, and techniques of research, planning and implementation of programmes in areas of concern to women; To develop and initiate women's studies programmes as vehicles for change and expression towards the improvement of the status of women; To encourage the formulation of government policy and planning which recognizes the needs of women and remove barriers accountable for their lack of integration in development.

Hope For Women
P.O. Box 1509
Addis Ababa
(251-1) 51 84 00--352

Inter-African Committee (IAC)
C/O UNECA, P.O. Box 30001
Addis Ababa
Tel: (251-1) 51 72 00/51
Fax: (011 251-1) 514682

Organization For Social Science Research In Eastern Africa (OSSREA)
P.O. Box 31971
Addis Ababa
Tel: (251) 1 119705
Fax: (251) 1 551399

Somali Aid And Development
P.O. Box 9498
Addis Ababa
Tel: (251-1) 513209
Fax: (251-1) 514682

Women Affairs Office (WAO)
The Prime Minister's Office
P.O. Box 1031
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Fax: (251-1) 512030
Objectives:To articulate policies; To serve as a link between Government WID Departments, bilateral multilateral agencies & self help schemes; Coordinate agencies and activities addressing women; Monitoring women's access to resources.

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