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The Christina Institute for Women's Studies
Address: P.O. Box 59
00014 University of Helsinki
Tel: 358-9-191 23387 or +358-9-191 23395
Fax: +358-9-191 23315.
e-mail: mknykane@cc.helsinki.fi
URL: http://www.helsinki.fi/~kris_ntk/eindex.html
The Christina Institute for Women's Studies was founded in 1991 as a separate institute within the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki. The Christina Institute promotes women's studies, coordinates and administers relevant instruction, encourages women's studies by providing premises and equipment for researchers, maintains contacts with other institutes for women's studies, and distributes information on women's studies.

Central Organization Of Women's Associations
(Naisjarjestojen Keskusliitto )
Mannerheimintie 40A
00100 Helsinki
Tel: 0 494 217
Fax: 0 494 617

The National Council of Women of Finland
Mannerheimintie 40A
00100 Helsinki, Finland
T: 00358 0 494 292
F: 00385 0 494 694

Women's League Of The Coalition Party
(Kokoomuksen Naisten Liitto ry)
Kansakoulukuja 3
00100 Helsinki
Tel: 358-0-69 381
Fax: 358-0-69 437 02
The basic objectives of the Women's League of the Coalition Party is the same as that of the party: to strengthen Finland's independence and to secure and develop a democratic political and legal system based on freedom and security of the individual. The special task of the Women's League is to promote women's position in society and encourage women to seek political and decision-making positions. The Women's League also participates in projects concerning peace and developing countries.

Nordic Council Social Committee
Finnish Parliament 00102
Helsinki, Finland
T: 00358 0 4321
F: 00358 0 432 3529

International Alliance of Women
Bulevardi 11A1
00120 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: 00358 0 64 93 82
Fax: 00385 0 64 31 93

Women for Peace
c/o Unioni Bulevardi 11A 1
00120 Helsinki
Tel: +385-0-694-382

Women Of The Central Party
(Keksustapuolueen Naiset )
Pursimiehenkatu 15
00150 Helsinki
Tel: 358-0-170 311
The objective of the Women of The Central Party is to develop, deepen, and sustain the interest of women in political, social, and cultural activities in conformity with the ideology of the Central Party. The organization encourages sound and sober manners of living based on Christian values.

Women Of The Democratic League Of Finnish People
(Suomen Kansan Demokraattinen Liitto/SKDL)
Sturenkatu 4
00150 Helsinki
Tel: 358-0-77 081

Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees (STTK)
Pohjoisranta 4A
00170 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: 00358 0 131 521
Fax: 00358 0 652 367

National Council of Women in Finland
Pohjoisranta 16A, 00170 Helsinki
Tel: 0 631 226

Council for Equality between Women and Men
P.O. Box 267, FIN-00171 Helsinki
Tel: +358-9-1601 fax: +358-9-160 4582 email: liisa.savunen@stm.vn.fi
The Council is a permanent advisory council within the State administration. Its tasks include: the promotion of equality between men and women; the drawing up of reforms furthering equality vis-a-vis the authorities and the labor market; the promotion, implementation and monitoring of equality in social planning; the initiation of proposals with a view to developing equality in legislative and administrative matters; and international cooperation in this area.

Nordic Forum
P.O. Box 267
00171 Helsinki, Finland
T: 00358 0 160 4368 or 00358 0 160 43 67 or 00358 0 160 4349
F: 00358 0 160 5402

Green Women's Association
Eerikinkatu 27 A 6
00180 Helsinki Finland
Tel (09) 693 3691
Fax (09) 693 3799
E-mail: naiset@VihreaLiitto.fi

Struggle Of Women For Democracy And Human Rights
(World Peace Council)
Lonrotinkatu 25 A
00180 Helsinki

Women Of The Swedish Party
(Svenka Kvinnoforbundet)
14 00180 Helsinki
Tel: 358-0-6942322
Fax: 358-0-6931968
The Svenka Kvinnforbundet attempts to increase the Swedish speaking women's political participation in Finland by organizing various kinds of political, educational, and social programs.

Union of Health and Social Care Services
Asemamiehenk 4
00520 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: 00358 0 155 27 00
Fax: 00385 0 148 30 38

Association Of Women Of The Social Democratic Party
(Sosiaalidemokraattiset Naiset)
Saariniemenkatu 6
00530 Helsinki

Women in Development
Tyopajakatu, 13
00580 Helsinki
Tel: 358-0-1734.35.30
Fax: 358-0-1734.32.64

Humalniementie 20C13
00840 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: 00358 0 6987 210
Fax: 00358 0 6987 210

The Coalition of the Finnish Women's Associations for Joint Action
Elonen Tervemstalo 01150
Soederkulla, Finland
Tel: 00358 0 272 19 13
Fax: 00358 0 272 18 77

Institute of Women's Studies
Åbo University, Agricolagatan 6
FIN-20500 Åbo
Tel: +358 2 215 4926 or +358 2 215 4869 or +358-2-2654 869 or +358-50-525 4625
Fax: +358 2 215 4668 or +358-2-2654 669
E-mail: kvinnoforsk@abo.fi or monica.nylund@abo.fi
URL: http://www.abo.fi/instut/kvinnis/ifkvhems.htm
The Institute for Women's Studies was the first centre of its sort in Finland. It is an interdisciplinary unit of research and education, and offers information services. The institute houses a library, mostly used by students and researchers but also by external users. The institute is funded by the university. Languages: Swedish, Finnish, English, Danish, Norwegian.

Centre for Women's Studies
University of Turku
Hämeenkatu 4B 31
FIN-20500 Turku
Tel. +358-2-333-5298
Fax. +358-2-333-6560
The programme in Women's Studies aims at an interdisciplinary approach in its teaching and research. In addition, it strives to give students a broad knowledge of, and a familiarity with feminist methodology and theory. The programme focuses upon Nordic or Scandinavian women, both from a historical perspective and during the present period. The fields of research are both in cultural and social studies. Women's Studies is a minor subject at ÅAU and the UT.

Institute of Women's Studies
Abo (Turku) Akademi
Gezeliuksenkatu 2 A
SF-20500 Turku

Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research in Tampere
University of Tampere
Research Centre for Social Science
PO Box 607
FIN-33101, Tampere

TIIMITUPA - Resource Centre of Women in South Ostrobothnia
Keskuskatu 34, 60100 Seinäjoki
Tel. +358-6-414 0605 or +358-400-767 370
Fax +358-6-414 0615

QVINSSI - Resource Centre for Women in the Vaasa Coastal Region
Raastuvankatu 11, 65100 Vaasa
Tel. +358-6-325 2908
Fax +358-6-325 2909

Co-operative Women's House - Resource Centre
Kauppatori 2, 76100 Kokkola
Tel. +358-6-831 7355
Fax +358-6-831 2446


The Central Organization of the Finnish Trade
Rutta Partinen
P.O. Box 157
Helsinki, Finland
T: 00358 0 77 211
F: 00385 0 77 21 447

Union Feminist Women In Finland
Bulevardi 11 A 1
Tel: 358-0-643158
The objectives are to eliminate discrimination against women, make female culture visible, promote equality between men and women and reinforce and advance the feminist effect of women. The goal is a human society based on equality and interaction between men and women.

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