Women's Organisations


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7a Avenida 4-35/Zona 1
Guatemala Ciudad

Coordinador Unidad de Informatica
Tel: 502 337 06 11-16
Fax: 502 337 03 04
e-mail: pnud@ns.concyt.gob.gt

National Women's Office
Sexta Avda 5-66
Nivel Tercero, Officina 307, Zona 1
Guatemala City
Social and Economic Participation

Unidas Para Vivir Mejor (UPAVIM)
(United to Live Better)
GUA 88
Calle Principal, Sector D-1
P.O. Box 02-5368
La Esperanza, Zona 12
Miami, FL 33102-5368
01012 Guatemala
Tel/Fax 502 479-9061
E-mail upavim@itelgua.com
Our major social problems are illiteracy, unemployment, under-employment, malnutrition, lack of health education and care, alcoholism, spouse and child abuse, lack of sufficient education for children, and drug abuse. Our Goals are to improve the quality of life of the community through: education, health care, job opportunities, personal development of women. We are a group of approximately 66 women living in the squatter settlement of "La Esperanza" Mezquital and Villa Lobos II, Zona 12, Guatemala City. We are all mothers and homemakers. Some of us are widows, abandoned, or have the disease of alcoholism in our families. Therefore, many of us also have the need of providing for our families economically. We provide a dental clinic, a laboratory, a medical clinic, breast feeding advocates, a growth monitoring program, a scholarship program, and a craft project.

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