Women's Organisations


Alga: Association of rural women
Kantski region, village of Jergazan and village of Nooruz
tel: 22 87 05
Aid to women. Researches conducted with methods PRA (INTRAC)

Altynai: women's association
Lenin St. 57, town of Jalal-Abad
tel: 3-33-16
Food distribution; small business.

Ashar: section on ecology of the Kurmanjan Datka women's committee
Chui St. 114, room 419, Bishkek
tel: 28 51 38, or 43 13 37
Humanitarian aid

Association of mothers bringing up children with disabilities
Pravda St. 68, room 93, Bishkek
tel: 23 41 64
aid to families

Association of women artists and art critics
Moldybaeva St. 20, apt 65
Bishkek, 720055
tel 44-55-99, or 42-78-75
Education, art, cloths and food distribution

Bureau of Women in development
Pushkina St. 78, room101 Bishkek
Tel (996-3312)-26 22 55
Fax 26 22 55
Consultations, Informational aid, education

Center of women's initiatives
Toktogula St. 51, room 2
tel: 22-72-34, or 28-46-85
Humanitarian aid

Club of business women (under the Women's Committee)
Krupskaya St. 40, room 2, Bishkek
tel: 21-19-02
Job Creation for women

Congress of women of the Kyrgyz Republic
Chui St/ 164-A, romm 207, Bishkek 720041
tel: 21 08 73
fax: 21 08 73
Awareness raising, rights protection

Diamond Association
200-39 Panfilova Street
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 720001
Tel/Fax: 996 3312 660235
E-mail: root@diamond.freenet.bishkek.su
The main direction of the Association's work is to develop a woman's personality, protect her rights and health, and promote her high status in politics, society, and family. The Association believes that only free, educated, and socially active people can create and develop an atmosphere of stability, civil responsibility, and economic confidence within society.

Ene: Charity Foundation
Microraion Ug-2, building 11, room 37, Bishkek
tel: 42 14 79
Food, cloths distribution; education

Ene Kuttuu: International Foundation
Sovetskaya St. 145
tel 28-19-47, or 25-07-48
Financial support

Independent association of women of the Kyrgyz Republic
Dnepropetrovskaya St. 5, room 34, Bishkek
tel: 44-99-70
Education, distribution of second-hand cloths, rights protection, with focus on ecology

Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights
Kievskaya St 96-A
apt 713-714
Bishkek 720030, Kyrgyzstan
Tel: 996-3312- 66-13-42
Fax: 996-3312-66-01-83

League of Muslim women
Pushkina St. 78, room 35, Bishkek
tel: 22-23-09

League of women for preservation and development of national traditions.
tel:42 66 51, or 22 64 39

League of women to support Creative Initiative
microraion Jal 82, room 19
tel: 28 05 59, or 48-43-06, or 26-20-70
Focus on issues of culture and ecology.

Woman Affair
(Independent Public Newspaper)
40 Warshavskaya Street
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 720030
Tel/Fax: 996 3312 66 02 35
E-mail: root@diamond.freenet.bishkek.su

Women's Association
Karl Marx St. 38, room2
Village of Ala-Buka, Alabukinski region
Jalal-Abad oblast, Kyrgyzstan

Women's Association of Kyrgyzstan for nuclear-free world
Turusbekova St. 89, Bishkek
tel: 21-85-25 or 21-96-15 or 21-82-33
fax: 21-85-25
E-mail: root@luk.bishkek
Dissemination of Information with focus on ecology

Women's Committee
Jalal-Abad oblast, Nooken region, village Masy
tel: 2-14-74
Financial resources and food distribution

Women's Congress
bul.Erkindik, 720040 Bishkek.
Fax: (3312) 26-70-40
Coordinates groups involved in the women's movement and development.

Women's Support Centre
Prospect Mira 80, apt. # 14, Bishkek.
Tel: (3312) 24-45-10.
Fax: (3312) 62-18-75
E-mail: rjench@geol.freenet.bishkek.su
Promote women's entrepreneurship, information and legal support.

Yrys: Charity Foundation to support women-cinematographists
Dinara Asanova St. 1, Bishkek
tel: 25 66 20, or 25 43 12, or 25 61 87
Education; small business

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