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AMARC Women's Network
14 Bojnija BR8 K4 16/6091000
Skopje, Macedonia
Tel: 0389 91 411 055
Fax: 0389 91 411 055

Journalism About Women's and Children's Rights and Environment in Macedonia
Jane Sandansti 86-2/15
91000 Skopje
Tel: +389 91 446 135
Fax: +389 91 446 135
E-mail: dokovska@yahoo.com or jcwe@yahoo.com
Journalism About Women's and Children's Rights and the Environment in Macedonia promotes human rights and advocates for the protection of the environment in Macedonia. JAWCREM organizes seminars and meetings, providing a forum for women active in the fields of education, politics and childrens welfare. The organization receives no funding and is run by 6 volunteers. The organization is building a network for data on women in the Balkan.

Organization of women's organizations of Macedonia
Str. Vasil Gjorgov br. 39 baraka 7
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
tel./fax: ++ 389 2 121280
++ 389 2 227918
e-mail: owom@freemail.com.mk

The Union of Women's Organizations of Republic of Macedonia
Str. 11 Oktowvri No. 1791000
Skopje, Macedonia
Tel: 00389 91 23 48 15
Fax: 0389 91 23 48 15

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