Women's Organisations


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Comite de Concertation et de Coordination Des Associations et ONG/Femmes de Madagascar
Randriamampionona Lalao
Immeuble Cidst 27BIS, Rue Fernand Kasanga Tsimbazaza
Antananarivo 101
Tel: (261-2) 407 12275/4824919
Fax: (261-2) 20397 SOMAGI

Direction de la Condition de la Femme au Ministere de la Sante et de Population
B.P. 723
101 Antananarive
Tele: 245-81
Fax: 273-94
Telex: 22 245 MG
Objectives: To promote the advancement of women; To create people's awareness on the advantages of promoting women; Co-ordinate with NGOs' in African Countries and developing countries for resource mobilization; Promoted integration of women in mainstream activities.

Femme et Developpement
Porte 209
Ministere de la Police
Tel: 293-73
The objective of the organization is to promote urban and rural women and to enhance the quality of life of the women and family.

Femmes Entrepreneurs de Madagascar FEM
13, rue Ratsimilaho, Antaninarenia
Antananarivo 101
Tel: (261-2) 32998
Fax: (261-2) 33832

Femmes, Sciences, Developpement
26 Bis, Rue Benyowski, BP 7159 Andravoahangy
Antananarivo 101
Tel: (261 2) 224 04
Fax: (261 2) 240 05

Firaisan'ny Vehivavy Sendikalista/F.M.M (FVS/FMM)
B.P. 846
Antananarivo - 101

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This information was last updated on October 28, 2003.