Women's Organisations


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National Commission on Women in Development (NCWD)
Ministry of Women, Children Affairs & Community Development and Social Welfare (MWCACDSW)
Private Bag 330
Lilongwe 3, Malawi
Telephone 780 411
Fax 780-826
Objectives: Formulating, implementing and monitoring women's programmes and projects; Co-ordinating women activities in NGOs and in institutions and government sectors; Enhance the management and implementation of women's programmes and projects; Assist in the establishment of institutions to formulate, implement and monitor women's programmes; Promote awareness of opportunities provided by government to Women;Evaluate the contribution that women make to development.

Project Officers And Entreprenuers Training
P.O. Box 292
Tel: (265) 671686
Fax: (265) 671686

Society For The Advancement Of Women
P.O. Box 2240
Tel: (265) 744 207
Fax: (265) 744 235

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