Women's Organisations


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Interdisciplinary Program for Women's Studies
El Colegio de Mexico
Camino de Ajusco 20
01000 Mexico, D.F.

Debate Feminista
Metis Productos Culturales.
Callejón de Corregidora # 6.
Col. Tlacopac, San Angel
México, D.F., México, cp. 01040.
e-mail: dfeminista@laneta.apc.org
Debate feminista (written in spanish and 450 pages aprox.) appeared 10 years ago. Our contributors include the best writters, theorists and intelectuals both from México and abroad; each issue explores such topics as politics, sexuality, literature, history, activism, psychoanalisis, humor and many more from a feminist perspective, wich we understand as a perspective from comtemporary political thought, related with critical and progressive individuals regardless of wether their bodies are male or female. Debate feminista is directed to people interested in understanding the problems of living in a sexed world, and in knowing the critical perspective of feminism.

El Closet de Sor Juana: Campaigns for lesbians.
Apartado postal 25-392 Mexico C.P. 03421.
Tel: (525) 549-1191.
E-mail: closetsj@laneta.apc.org

Mujer Trabajadoras Unidas, A.C.
Holbein No. 191-59 Col. Noche
Buena, Mexico, D.F. Z.P. 03710.
Tel: 5 598 33 10.
E-mail: rosamaria@laneta.apc.org
Promotion of equality in politics.

Grupo de Información en Reproduccion Elegida - GIRE
Viena 160, Col. del Carmen
Coyoacan 04100
Mexico, D.F.
tel. (55) 5658-6684
e-mail: correo@gire.org.mx
web site: http://www.gire.org.mx

Centro de Documentación y Biblioteca (CdyB)
Grupo de Información en Reprodución Elegida (GIRE)
(Documentation Centre and Library for the Group for Reproductive Choice)
Viena 160, Col. del Carmen
Deleg. Coyoacán
04100 México D.F.
Tel: +525 658 6634
Fax: +525 658 6684
E-mail: gire@laneta.apc.org
URL: http://www.laneta.apc.org/gire
The Information Group for Reproductive Choice GIRE is a non- profit civil association with a documentation centre focusing on three activities, namely the generation, systematization and dissemenation of information on the sexual and reproductive rights of people in Mexico. GIRE has identified four target groups and organizes workshops and forums as a means of systematizing and disseminating information. GIRE's target groups are policy makers including civil servants, politicians and social organizations, the health sector, the legal profession, and young people. GIRE also supports the development of leadership skills among women and men aimed at providing the reproductive rights movement with trained spokespeople in all fields. Languages: Spanish, English.

Londre 70, Col Del Carmen
Coyoacan C.P.04100.
Tel: 554 47 69
Fax: 554 47 69.
E-mail: modemmujer@laneta.apc.org
Promotes electronic communications for women's groups.

Mujeres Para el Dialogo
Av. Cerro de las Torres N 223 Depto. 106
Col. Campestre
C.P. 04200, Mexico, D.F.
Tel: 544-22-02

Grupo De Educacion Popular On Mujeres
Cda. Tenochtli N 10,
Col. Sto. Domingo
C.P. 04360, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 619-09-35
Fax: 619-56-76

Grupo de Educacion Popular con Mujeres A.C.
Carrada de Tochtli No.10
Col Santo Domingo, Coyoacan
Mexico C.P. 04369.
Tel: (5) 6 19 09 35
Fax: (5) 6 19 56 75
E-mail: gem@laneta.apc.org

Centro de Información y Documentación Programa Universitario de Estudios de Género, UNAM-México
(Information Centre and Documentation Program)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Torre II de Humanidades 7º piso
Cuidad Universitaria
CP 04510 México D.F.
Tel: +525 6 230 020 or +525 6 320 021 or +525 6 230 022
Fax:+525 6 230 019
E-mail: felmar@servidor.unam.mx
The centre is part of the University of Mexico's Gender Studies program. The documentation and information centre is fully funded by its own revenue earned from its projects and programs. The centre mostly serves researchers, students and university professors. Languages: Spanish, English, Portugese.

Mujeres En Accion Sindical
President: Patricia Mercado
Calle Coatepec N 1 Int.4
Col Roma Sur
C.P. 06160, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 574-62-15

Colectivo De Lucha Hacia Las Mujeres
Sta. Ma. la Rivera 107, int. 8
Col. Sta. Ma. la Rivera
C.P. 06400, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 541-09-22

Centro de Investigación y Capacitación de la Mujer
Aguascalientes 54,
México, D.F.
Tel/fax (5) 564-2772
e-mail: cicam@laneta.apc.org

Servicio, Desarrollo Y Paz, A..C.
Huasteco N 39
Col. Roma Sur
C.P. 06760, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 574-63-97

Organizacion Municipal Feminina De Lucha Contra Las Armas Nucleares
Bucareli N 128, Desp. F, N7, 4 Piso
Col Centro
C.P. 60400, Mexico, D.F.
Tel: 512-23-61

Comision Independiente de Derechos Humanos de Morelos, A.C.
Apartado Postal 1679, CP 62000
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
Tel: 185568
Fax: 185568.
E-mail: cidhmor@laneta.apc.org

Alternativas Pacificas, A.C. en Monterrey
Matamoros 1090 pte.
Monterrey, Nuevo Lesn, 64000, Mexico
Phone: (8) 344-1616
Fax: (8) 344-5743
Email: apacificas@edifika.com
Our mission is to promote peaceful alternatives to solve family conflicts. General Information: We have a shelter for battered women and their children since 1996, we have served 450 aprox. This year we are implementing a sensitization campaing about domestic violence for T.V, radio and press. We have been with aprox. 2050 persons talking about the same issue. We are starting a proyect to self sufficient.

Centro de Estudios de la Mujer y la Familia - CEMYF, A.C.
Belisario Dominguez 800
Altos Colonia Reforma Oaxaca 68050.
Tel: 91 951 31189.
Fax: 91951 30434.
E-mail: cemyf@laneta.apc.org
Education and Research on family and gender issues.


Casa Amiga
Ciudad Juarez

Centro de Estudios des Genero
Universidad de Guadalajara

Colectivo de Hombres por Relaciones Iqualitarias A.C.
Matias Romero 1353-2
Col.Vertiz Narvarte, Del. Benito Juarez. Mexico.
Tel: 5 604 11 78
Fax 5 604 11 78.
E-mail: coriac@laneta.apc.org
Campaigns for social equality.

Comunicacion, Intercambio y Desarrollo Humano en America Latina
E-mail: cidhal-cuar@laneta.apc.org

Las Sirenas
Avenida de la Paz 57
Ciudad de México (San Angel)

Mujer a Mujer
E-mail: mam@laneta.apc.org

Mujeres en Lucha por la Democracia
E-mail: mldmx007@laneta.apc.org
Campaign for Socio-political Participation of women.

National Women's Council
c/o M. Lavalle Urbina, Cuvier 45,
Mexico City 5.

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