Women's Organisations

New Zealand

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The Auckland Women's Centre
63 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland 1
Aotearoa New Zealand
Tel: 9 376 8227
E-mail: centre@womenz.org.nz
URL: http://www.womenz.org.nz
The centre is an incorporated society run by a feminist collective. It acts as a drop in centre in an inner city suburb, runs a wide range of courses for women, offers counselling, health checks and massage services, houses a women's library, and makes submissions and public statements on issues affecting women.

The Auckland Women's Health Council
10 Carlton Gore Rd
Auckland, New Zealand

The Broadsheet Collective
P.O. Box 56147
New Zealand
Tel: (04) 608535
A feminist magazine.

Centre for Women's Studies
University of Waikoto
Private Bag
New Zealand

Development Resource Centre
Sixth Floor, Rossmore House
123 Molesworth St,
Wellington, Aotearoa
New Zealand
Tel: 64+4+472 9549
Fax: 64+4+472 3622
Email: drc@apc.org.nz

Dunsford Publishing Consultants
RD6 Warkworth- Aotearoa-New Zealand
Overseas Agencies.
Tel/Fax: 649-422-7889
email: dunsford@voyager.co.nz
Dunsford Publishing Consultants is a feminist publishing consultancy with over 150 new titles into print and award winning authors globally [Commonwealth Writers Prize; Booker Award,etc] and specialises in lesbian-feminist work. We assess, edit and sell books to publishing industry and are author-focused, and run writing/publishing courses at universities globally. We are currently moving into Translation Rights for Europe.

Maori Women's Welfare League
P.O. Box 12-072,
New Zealand

Minitatanga mo nga Wahine
(Ministry of Women's Affairs)
P.O.Box 10-049
New Zealand
Tel: +64 4 473 412 or (04) 734-112
Fax: +64 4 472 0961
E-mail: mwa@mwa.govt.nz
URL: http://www.mwa.govt.nz
Primary objectives of the organization is to assist the government to enable women to gain autonomy in all aspects of their lives, and within the social and cultural context of their families, or other groups. Languages: English, Maori.

National Council Of Women Of New Zealand Inc.
10 Park St., Thordon
P.O. Box 12-117
New Zealand
Tel: (03) 7370-623
Fax: (03) 73-0623
Primary objectives: to unite organized societies of women for mutual counsel and cooperation, and all that makes for the good of humanity; to promote the spiritual, moral, civil, and social welfare of the community; to work for such conditions of life as will assure to all the opportunity for full and free development; to work for the social, legal and economic development of women; to collect and redistribute information of service to the community.

New Women's Press
Head Office, P.O Box 6401
Dunedin North
New Zealand
Fax: +64.(0)3.482.1399
Tel: +64.(0)3.482.1399
Feminist Publisher

c/o Lita Foliaki, Auckland College of Education
Private Bag, Auckland
New Zealand

Society for Research on Women in New Zealand
PO Box 12-270, Wellington.
New Zealand

Society for Research on Women
P.O. Box 13-078
New Zealand

Tamaki Makaurau Lesbian Newsletter
PO Box 44056,
Auckland 2
Aotearoa New Zealand
Tel: 9 376 2454
e-mail: tmlnews@voyager.co.nz
URL: http://www.womenz.org.nz
The newsletter is produced by a voluntary group of 11 lesbians, and comes out 11 times a year at the beginning of the month (Dec/Jan is a combined issue). It is currently 8 pages, and costs $NZ32 a year for a US subscription and $NZ35 a year for a subscription from Europe. Up to two articles per issue go up on the website each month.

Unity Books
119-123 Willis Street
New Zealand
Tel: +64.(0)4.385.6110
Feminist Bookstore

Womanfile, Inc.
Feminist Magazine
P.O. Box 56-147
New Zealand
Feminist Publisher

Women's Bookshop
105 Ponsonby Road
Ponsonby, Auckland
phone +64 9 376 4399
fax +64 9 376 4365
email books@womensbookshop.co.nz
web site: http://www.womensbookshop.co.nz

Women's Bookshop
228 Dominion Road
Mt. Eden
New Zealand
Tel: +64.(0)9.630.7162
Fax: +64.(0)9.630.7162
E-mail: womenbks@iprolink.co.nz

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