Women's Organisations


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Asociacion Colectivo de Mujeres Constructoras de Condega
De la Escuela Julio Cesar Castillo Ubau
2 1/2 c al norte
Tel: 505 752 2303
Fax: 505 752 2203
email: hshears@sdnnic.org.ni
Particularly interested in information and addresses of other women working in non traditional trades in Central America to make contacts in the region.

Association of Nicaraguan Women Luisa
Apartado A238, Managua
Campaign for Socio-political Participation

Casa de la Mujer
Bocana de Paiwas
Zelaya Central
Apartado: EC # 37
Managua, Nicaragua.
Tel. 2799852
email: jaimfelt@nicarao.org.ni

Puntos de Encuentro
De Plaza Espana 4c. abajo 1c. al lago
Apdo Postal RP-39
Tel: +505 266 6233
Fax: +505 266 6305
E-mail: puntos@puntos.org.ni
URL: http://www.puntos.org.ni/puntos
The documentation centre was created in response to the growing need for history of and information on the women's movements in Nicaragua and Central America. Puntos de Encuentro aims to provide women's organizations (and university students) with information. It has the means to reproduce videos. Language: Spanish.

Red de Mujeres Condega
De la Alcaldia 1/2 c al sur
Tel: 505 752 2387
email: hshears@sdnnic.org.ni
Working against violence against women.

Rogeria Carneiro de Miranda
Apartado Postal C-321
Prolena, Nicaragua
Telefax: (505) 276 0555.
Knowledge and bioenergy

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