Women's Organisations


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The Centre for Gender and Politics at the Peace Institute
The Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies
Metelkova 6
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 61 132 2372 or +386 61 134 3105
Fax: +386 61 132 2372
E-mail: mirovni.institut@guest.arnes.si
URL: http://www.ljudmila.org/mirovni.institut
Founded in 1991, the Peace Institute is a non-profit private organization which is primarily funded by research grants. The Centre for Gender and Politics focuses on women's human rights issues, gender equality, refugee women, and the Slovenian women's rights movement as well as women and the media. The Centre houses a library and an information and documentation centre. The main goals of the centre are to conduct research and to educate within the fields of Gender and Politics. One of the various projects underway, is the Library, Information and Documentation Centre.

GIZ Podjetnost (Association Spirit of Enterprise)
Podmiscakova 28 a
1000 Ljulbjana
phone and fax 00386 61 13-33-159, 134-33-06
Founded as an NGO in 1993. Our members are enterpreneurs in small industry, mostly women. We are for equal opportunities.

Ljubljanski Zenski Club
CZ Urednistvo, Hribarjevo
Nabrezje 13
61000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: 0386 61 214 236
Fax: 00386 61 214 250

Network Of East-West Women
Tomisiceva 5
61000 Ljubljana
T: 386-61-217-212

Party Of Democratic Renewal
Tomisiceva 5
61000 Ljubljana
Tel: 386-61-217-212
Fax: 386-61-215-855

Skupscina Republike Slovenije
Subiceva 4
61000 Ljubjana
Tel: 386-61-217-123

Soroptimist International
Celovska 123
61000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: 0386 61 554 849

Soroptimist International
Nada Gspan Praselj
Groharjeva 2/c
61000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: 0386 61 218 031

Soroptimist International
Vesna Rozman
Bozna Dolina c. V, st. 3A
61000 Zagreb, Slovenia
Tel: 0386 61 216 806

Women's Centre
Masarykova 24
1000 Ljubljana

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