Women's Organisations

South Korea

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Assembly Women's Office
Korean National Assembly
Seoul, South Korea
T: 02-782-3141

Center For Korean Women And Politics
Oksan Bldg. #402
157-33 Samsung-dong
Seoul, South Korea 135-090
T: 82-2-528-1201-3
F: 82-2-528-1204
As a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, the CKWP established to help fulfill the creative potential of Korean women and to help them contribute to the democratization and the political development of the country by conducting systematic research on the political conditions of the women in Korea; exploring a desirable future in the role and status of Korean women in political process; and enhancing women's political participation and their representation in the government and decision-making.

Korea Church Women United
Korean Ecumenical Building, Room 1110
136-56 Yunchi-Dong, Chongno-ku
Seoul 110-740
South Korea
Tel: 82-2-708-4370
Fax: 82-2-708-4186

Korea Women's Associations United
2nd Floor 38-84 Jang Choong-dong, 1-ga
Jung-ku, Seoul 100-391
South Korea
Tel: 82-2-273-9535
Fax: 82-2-273-9539

Korea Women's Hotline
Women's House for Peace, 3rd Floor
38-84 Jangchung-dong, 1-ga
Jung-ku, Seoul
South Korea
Tel: 82-2-269-2962
Fax: 82-2-269-2966
Email: kwhc@chollian.co.kr

Korean Council for Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery
Rm.101 CIS JD Bidg, #35 Chunjungro 2-ga
Seodaemungu, Seoul 120-012
South Korea
Tel: 82-2-365-4016
Fax: 82-2-365-4017
E-mail: mss@peacenet.org.kr

Korean League Of Women Voters
President: Kye-soon Lee
142-6, Myungryun-dong 3 ga,
Seoul, South Korea

Korean National Council Of Women
40-427, Hankango 3 ga,
Seoul, South Korea

Korean Women Church
4th Floor, Women's House for Peace
38-84 Jang Choong-dong, 1-ga
Choong-ku, Seoul 100-391
South Korea
Tel: 82-2-266-1850
Fax: 82-2-269-0670

Korean Women's Association United
1-23, Cheong-dong
Seoul, South Korea

Korean Women's Associations United
175-435 Ginwanwoe-Dong
Eunpyung-Ku, Seoul
South Korea

Korean Women's Development Institute (KWID)
Women's Information Centre
1-363 Bulkwang-dong
122-707 Seoul
South Korea
Tel: +82 2 356 0070 ext. 502
Fax: +82 2 384 767
Telex: 356-1467
E-mail: yipaik@kwominet.or.kr
URL: http://kwominet.or.kr
Primary objective of the Korean Women's Development Institute is to enhance the social participation of women and promote their welfare programs. The institute does surveys and research on women; provides education and training to raise women's consciousness and to develop women's potential; fosters and supports women's activities; manages a resource center and publishes women-related materials; participates in international cooperation; conducts an information exchange programs; and makes rec ommendations to the government, so that the findings of the Institute can be reflected in public policies. Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, French, German.

Korean Women's Institute (KWI)
11-1, Daehyun-dong
Ewha Womans University
Seoul, South Korea 120-750
T: 02-362-6151/6251 ext) 730,731
F: 02-393-5903
The highest priority of the Korean Women's Institute is raising consciousness on women's issues in universities and communities. Through interdisciplinary research and teaching in women's studies, it explores and identifies problems facing Korean women and searches for ways to promote social change, which will bring greater equality, freedom, and fulfillment for both women and men.

My Sister's Place (Du Rae Bang), support center for women in US military camptowns
120 Suyu-5-Dong, Dobong-gu
Seoul 132-791
South Korea
Tel: 82-2-991-3694
Fax: 82-2-841-6946

National Campaign for the Eradication of Crime by US Troops in Korea
Room 307, Christian Building 136-46
Yunchi-dong, Chongro-Ku
Seoul 110-470
South Korea
Tel: 82-2-744-1211
Fax: 82-2-3673-2296

Research Center for Asian Women
Sookmyung Women's University
No. 53-12, 2-Ka Chungpa-Dong
South Korea

Research Insitute for Christian Women
32-1106 Hyundai Apt.
South Korea

Sae Woom Tuh, program for women and Amerasian children
483-034 Kyunggi-do, Dongduchon City
Saeng-yun 4 dong 541-39 11/4
South Korea
Fax: 82-351-867-4655

Women's Studies Institute
The Pusan Women's University
# 1528 Yeonsan dong, Dongrae gu
Pusan, South Korea

World Federation Of Methodist Women
1-42, Shin Moon Ro, 2-ka
Seoul 110, South Korea
World Federation of Methodist Women works toward peace among nations and elimination of discrimination against women in all countries. The organization engages in healing ministries and educational and social services; organizes literacy and translation programs, consults with families on family planning, food production, hygiene and health care; has initiated legislation against child abuse; and also provides child care services.

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