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Sri Lanka

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Centre for Women's Research (CENWOR)
225/4 Kirula Road
5 Colombo
Sri Lanka
Tele/Fax : 9-41-502-828 / 9-41-502-153
E-mail: cenwor@panlanka.net and cenwor@slt.lk.
Web: http://www.cenwor.lk/
Main objective: supporting women to realize their full potential and to achieve equality in all spheres of life. Research has encompassed areas of immediate concern and of strategic importance to women. CENWOR thus took a leading role in the development of a research database, which was subsequently used for lobbying and advocacy. Information was, and continues to be one of the key functions of CENWOR. The centre offers training activities and publishes original research. It also produces posters, leaflets, manuals and bibliographies. Languages: English, Sinhala, Tamil.

5 Jayaratna Avenue
Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.
Tel: 94 1 584350
Fax: 94 1 591314
Email: inform@lanka.gn.apc.org
Working against trafficking of women.

Kantha Shakthi (Strength of Women)
5/1 Edmonton Road
Colombo 6, Sri Lanka
(941) 852-990

Mothers and Daughters of Lanka
Sri Lanka

Muslim Women's Research and Action Forum
A.A. Park Avenue
Col. 5
Sri Lanka

Pacific Asian Women's Forum
623/27 Rajagiriya Gardens
Rajagiriya, Colombo
Sri Lanka

Voice of Women
21/25 Polhongoda Gardens
5 Colombo
Sri Lanka
Tel: +941 74 407 879
Voice of Women is a (non-profit) non-governmental organization. It was the first alternative women's group in Sri Lanka committed to the ideals of feminism. The main aim is to publish feminist journals (in English, Tamil and Sinhala) and feminist literature. The centre issues a monthly newsletter and monitors reporting of rape, abuse, harassment and domestic violence etc. in the media. Voice of Women also publishes feminist literature. Languages: Sinhala, Tamil, English.

Women and Media Collective
5 Jayaratne Avenue
Columbo 5
Sri Lanka
Tel: 94-1-584-350
Fax: 94-1-580-721

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