Women's Organisations


Johanna Schouten-Elsenhout Vrouwendocumentatiecentrum
Limesgracht 80, Postbus 129
Tel: +597 410 784
Fax: +597 433 167
E-mail: knott@cq-link.sr
The Johanna Schouten-Elsenhout Documentation Centre, named after the first woman poet who wrote in the Surinamese language, was founded by the National Women's Movement (NVB) of Surinam. The documentation centre annex library is specialized in collecting and making accessible women's literature, and documentation on women and development. The centre's library is the only one in Surinam offering material on women. The collection contains 6.000 titles. The centre not only lends material to members, but also sells books. Languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish.

Stichting Sanomaro Esa
(Sanomaro Esa Foundation)
Indiralaan 7, Uitvlugt
Sanomaro Esa was founded by indigenous women in 1989, in response to the economic crisis in Surinam at that time, which affected indigenous communities the most. The foundation contributes to the planning and implementation of programs aimed at meeting the needs of indigenous women and their children. It facilitates educational programs and stimulates gender awareness and communication between women groups. In 1990, the foundation established a resource centre, in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Surinam. It was founded to increase the availibility and accessibility of information and literature concerning indigenous peoples in Surinam.

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