Women's Organisations


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Mama 86
Michailovskaya str. 22a 25001
Kiev, Ukraine

4 Svobody Sq.
Kharkov 61077
Kharkov National University
PHONE: (0572) 45-75-17
e-mail: Nadezhda.D.Gernet@univer.kharkov.ua or nadia@isc.kharkov.com
UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION "WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND EDUCATION" is a public non-political non-profit organization, which acts in all the regions of Ukraine where there are its members or local offices. OUR MAIN GOAL is to help develop scientific and creative potential of Association members in science and research and interaction with state and public organizations in the issues related to problems of science and education. DIRECTIONS OF OUR ACTIVITIES: Create an information center to provide information, consultation, and organizational support to association members who chose science and education as their field of activity; Promote coordination of scientific research and pedagogical activities in which association members are involved; Conduct conferences on interdisciplinary trends; Develop complex scientific projects, involving students and teachers in their realization; Develop scientific and educational projects involving outstanding scientists; Create a library of computer learning software and carry out projects for their development; Create a library of licensed software; Attract disabled people to participate in the projects.

Green Help International
13-16 Malozhitomirskaya str.
252001 Kiev, Ukraine
T: 007 044 225 61 73
F: 007 044 228 08 26

Women's Union of Ukraine
vul. Institutska 16/3
252021 Kyiv
Tel: (44) 293-5311
Fax: (44) 293-1532.
Women's Information Centre.

Informatciyno Konsultativny Zhinochy Tcenter
(Women's Information Consultative Center - WICC)
12A/11, Saksahanskogo street
252033 Kiev
Tel and Fax: +380 44 227 0704
E-mail: olena@wicc.kiev.ua
WICC is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. The basic goal of the centre is to gather and disseminate information on women's initiatives and activities of women's organizations in the Ukraine. Another goal is to stimulate social and political discussion about gender issues, as a way of working towards equality in society. WICC runs a library with material on women and women's issues. WICC also offers statistical information, a database on 'successful women', information about women's organizations and literature about women s human rights. There are three paid employees, whilst part of the work is done by volunteers. Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Serbian, German.

Ukrainian Centre for Women's Studies
vul. Konstantinovska 19/15, 254071 Kyiv.
Tel: (44) 417-5643 Fax: (44) 225-5330.
Women's studies and Information Centre.

Kharkov Center for Gender Studies
PO Box 4687, Kharkov-22
310022, Ukraine
Tel/fax (0572) 14 09 29
e-mail: gender@kgc.kharkov.ua
Web Site: http://www.gender.univer.kharkov.ua/

All Ukranian Federation of Families with many children
str. Mira 88, apt. 13
310106 Kharkov, Ukraine
T: 007 572 99 39 82
F: 007 572 93 41 48

Kharkov Center for Women's Studies
Bulvar Mira 4, a. 51
310 108 Kharkov, Ukraine
T: 0572 35 05 82
F: 0572 22 50 27

The Western Ukrainian Center "Women's Perspectives"
32 A Bandery Str.,
Lviv, Ukraine 79013
tel./fax (380 322) 97 18 29
e-mail: root@women.lviv.ua
Western-Ukrainian Center Women's Perspectives was founded in November 1997. The Center was founded by professional women in such fields as psychology, law and business, having experience in the women's organizations, with special interests devoted to such problems as legal protection of women, gender equality, development of business by women, and women's leadership. The objectives of Center are: - To support women's initiatives in West Ukraine. - To help women adjust to modern circumstances in the fields of economics, psychology, law, and social sciences. - To aid in the development of professional, informational and economic resources. - To help solve problems facing women in the region today by integrating them into the European and international arena.

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