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Study Group on the Status of Women in Uruguay
Grupo de Estudios sobre la Condicion de la Mujer en Uruguay (GRECMU)
Casilla de Correo 10587
Juan Paullier 1174, Montevideo

Salto 1265
11200 Montevideo
Tel: +598 2 402 4180
Fax: +598 2 402 4180
E-mail: lola@chasque.apc.org
LOLApress is an international feminist magazine which was founded with the help of a German foundation. It is published twice a year, in a bilingual edition (Spanish and English). The editorship is international; offices are located in Uruguay (Montevideo), Germany (Berlin) and South Africa (Johannesburg). Languages: English, Spanish.

Red de Educacion Popular Entre Mujeres de America Latina y el Caribe (REPEM)
(Popular Education Network for Women)
Colonia 2069
11200 Montevideo
Tel: +598 2 403 0599 or +598 2 400 6894
Fax: +598 2 403 0599 or +598 2 409 2343
E-mail: repem@chasque.apc.org
REPEM is a network of 160 NGOs active in the field of education for women with low income and little education. Its objective is to develop a series of activities, programs and projects aimed at achieving equal opportunities for men and women through gender oriented education and policy. REPEM publishes several electronic magazines, distributed by email, in Spanish as well as in English, with diverse international information on and for women. The headquarters of REPEM are in Uruguay, but there are national groups operating in Mexico, other countries in Central America, the Caribbean, Andean countries, Brazil and the Southern countries. Languages: Spanish, Portugese, English.

Centro de Investigacion sobre Climaterio y Menopausia
Direccion: Rene 1566 - CP 11400 - Montevideo - Uruguay
Telefono: 598 2 6005401
E-mail: elolacar@adinet.com.uy

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