Women's Organisations


Business Women's Association of Uzbekistan
Tel: 56-65-78.
Network of business Women.

87 Dosnazarova Street, Apartment 14
Karakalpakstan, 742000
Tel: (36122) 2-34-86
E-mail: gulnarad@nukus.silk.org

Tashkent - The Centre for Women Leaders
address: 12 Afrasiyab Street, #2,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
mailing address: P.O.-29,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel/fax: (998-712)415507;
Fax: 712-890046
E-mail: mahbuba@freenet.uz
An urban, voluntary, self-controlled public organization joinning group of the initiative women. The purpose of creation of Centre is the assistance to the decision of problems of the women of Uzbekistan, which appear during transformation, by increase of the legal and socio economic status of the women, that will allow them more actively to participate in process of democratization of our society. The basic tasks of Centre are: to increase legal literracy of women, distribution of knowledge and duplicating of information materials on gender issiues; mutual aid and cooperation among the women; mobilization of funds and resources for support ing of the initiatives and projects, creation of new workplaces, bringing the income for family; protection of the lawful rights and interests of the women, assistance to equality between men and women; study of international aspects of the legislation under the rights of the women and development of the recommendations on improvement of the legislation of Republic Uzbekistan.

Women's Committee of Uzbekistan
Tel: 45-15-59.
Umbrella organisation.

Women's Resource Center
11, Abdulla Kodirig Prosp.
Tashicent 700 011

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This information was last updated on October 27, 2003.