Women's Organisations


Center for Empirical Research and Women's Studies - Documentation Centre
Sana'a' University
P.O. Box 1802
Tel: +967 01 219 339
Fax: +967 01 219 341
The aim of the women's studies program at the Sana'a' University is to improve the position of women in Yemeni society. In order to enhance research, track recent developments in the field and facilitate international communication, the Centre has developed an extensive documentation centre, which is linked to similar documentation centres in other Arab countries (Egypt, Al-Bahrain, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia). Internet access, email and all centre resources are available to members of Sana'a' University. The centre conducts research and publishes a Journal on Women's Studies which includes the findings of the centre's researchers and the best theses produced by students. Languages: Arabic and English.

Yemeni Federation of Women's Organizations
Center for Empirical Research and Women's Studies
Sana`a` University
Dr. Raufa Al-Sharqi
P.O. Box 1802
Sana`a` ROY, Republic of Yemen
T: 967-01-219339
F: 967-01-219341

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This information was last updated on October 28, 2003.