Women's Organisations


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Business and Professional Women
P.O.Box 360131 Kafue

Family Life Movement Of Zambia
P.O. Box 37644
Tel: (260-1) 221898
Fax: (260-1) 221898

Life Saving Skills Training and Support Centre:
Towards basic literacy in life skills.
PO Box 35758, Lusaka.
Tel: (260 1) 290773
Fax: (260 1) 290773/254981.
Email: tsanitha@zamnet.net

Medical Women's Association Of Zambia
P.O. Box 371X
(260-1) 250753

National Women's Lobby Group
P.O. Box 37879, 2nd Floor/Fintex House,
Dar-es-Salaam Place, off Cairo Road
Tel: (26-1) 221236
Fax: (26-1) 224033

Non-Governmental Organizations Coordinating Committee
P.O. Box 37879, Lusaka
1st Flr. Bible house, POB 37879
Freedom Way, Lusaka
Tel: 223834
Fax: 227184 or 224241

Programme Against Malnutrition
C/O WFP, P.O. Box 30599
260-1 241254/64

Society For Women And AIDS In Zambia
Department of Pathology
P.O. Box 50110
Tel: 232904
Fax: 254809, 254717
(AIDS, Women, Prevention, Control, Research, Education)

Women For Change
P.O. Box 33102
Tel: (260-1) 224 309
Fax: (260-1) 224 296

Women in Development Department (WIDD)
National Commission for Development Planning
P.O. Box 50268
Lusaka Zambia
Fax (260-1) 26.33.53
Objectives: To co-ordinate, plan and integrate WID issues and concerns in government plans and other documents. To gender sensitize policy makers. Creation of awareness and education of women to human rights issues. Formulation and development of gender and development policies, research etc. Achievement: Has brought about interaction of women from different political parties through involving them in various programmes.

Women in the Media
P.O. Box 50015
Lusaka, Zambia

Women Refugees Community in Zambia ( WORECZ)
122 John Laing
P.O. Box 37236
Lusaka, Zambia
tel: 78 4667
email: refugeewmon@yahoo.fr
web site: http://rwcz.tripod.com

Women's Development Ltd.
Box 32099, Bombay Rd

Women's League
Freedom House
P.O. Box 30302

Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), Zambia
P.O.Box 50115
Lusaka, Zambia

Zambia Alliance Of Womem (ZAW)
P.O. Box 51068
Tel: (2601) 274178
Fax: (011 260-1) 251880

Zambia Association Of Media Women
P.O. Box 50015

Zambia Association For Research And Development
P.O. Box 37836
1st Floor, Design House
Dar-es-Salaam Place
Cairo Road, Lusaka
Tel: +260 1 692 601 or +260 1 222 883
Fax: +260 1 629 601
E-mail zard@zamnet.zm
ZARD maintains a Women's Resource Centre which houses a collection of over 10.000 volumes. ZARD provides technical assistance to its members as well as Internet access and acts as an email provider. It offers publishing services for organizations and training courses in research methodologies, gender analysis and computer skills. ZARD maintains a database of its members with a description of their areas of expertise, experiences and personal information. ZARD encourages research aimed at advancing women's status compared to that of men in Zambia. Currently, the membership consists of 500 people, including men, women, policy makers, development workers, academic institutions, people of different ethnic origins as well as religious faiths.

Zambia National Women Artists Documentation Project
P. O. Box 30844
Tel: +260 1 255 046
Fax: +260 1 253 007
E-mail zacci@zamnet.zm
The Zambia National Women Artists Documentation Project was founded in 1996 from a desire to support and promote women's arts and crafts in Zambia. The centre mainly provides artists with gallery and studio space. The project also organizes workshops on subjects such as improving artistic skills and the infrastructure required for the promotion of art work. In addition, the project has a collection of original work of Zambian women artists as well as documentary material on the artists themselves (interviews, questionnaires, photographs).

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