Global List of Women's Organisations

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Heartfelt thanks, hugs, kisses, bouquets of flowers to everyone who has helped me with this project, with information, encouragement, ideas, constructive criticism. You are too many to name individually, but to all the hundreds of you generous and supportive people who believe in what I'm doing here, I send my deep appreciation and sincere thanks. My faith in feminist movements and women's networking has been boosted immensely by your selfless help and support.

I don't want to get too sentimental about all of this, but thanks also to my partner, who never complains about the time I put into this project, even though all that time is being stolen from my paid work, thus reducing our combined income and chances for wonderful vacations. :-)

I absolutely could not have done this alone. Thank you to every individual and organisation who has gone before me, making women's information available online. Thank you to everyone who sent me information by e-mail and snail mail, who phoned me, who volunteered to proofread lists for their area, who gave advice and encouragement. I am astounded and overjoyed at how many people have helped me along.

Thank you.

Comments, questions, and changes to the list can be sent to:

Denise Osted
P.O. Box 435
East Selkirk, Manitoba
Canada R0E 0M0

This page was last updated on July 6, 2005.